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Miracle League – 2019 And Beyond

February 2019 will be the 20th Anniversary of the Miracle league.  We became a certified IRS 501C3 Not For Profit Agency.

That spring we started playing ball on a borrowed dirt field and we had a total to 22 athletes.  Spring season 2018 we had over 300 athletes ranging from 4 to 92

And some of our first coaches are still coaching today.

In the beginning our goal was to get some kids off the sidelines, on the field and get a little sunshine on their faces.


Starting in January of 2019 we will be partnering with the YMCA and Alpharetta Recreation & Parks Department. This is a huge step forward……and I need your help….seriously, step up and get involved. This is all new and if you don’t support it, we will lose the value of the relationships.  This is just a beginning.  The possibilities are endless.  Up to you.

Family Swim Night will be the first program and  again, we need your support.  It is a Family Swim Night.  The indoor pool and family changing rooms and the new pool lift create the perfect environment for our families.  And the word FAMILY means just that.  If there are siblings that want to jump in, they are more than welcome. Sunday evenings 5:30 -7:00 starting the second Sunday in January…Registration is open now…Send us a message with your names, email address and phone number.

A parent or guardian must accompany the swimmer….no dropping off.  That doesn’t mean you have to get in the pool, but you must be there to observe.

  1. There will be 2 lifeguards on duty.
  2. There will be swim belts available.
  3. We don’t want any UFO’s – Unsightly Floating Objects (I have a source for swim diapers).
  4. It’s all free…we may start a Special Olympics Swim team…It won’t work without you and your aquanauts.  This old cowboy gets very frustrated when we tee up the ball and it just sits there.

Growing Together:  Starting the spring we will collaborate with area high schools and grow vegetables and flowers.  Alpharetta Rec. owns a huge garden area just off Rucker Road and it includes green houses. Schedule TBD. Registration opens in February.

Affordable Housing: We will be taking advantage of the Rec Department Senior facility in North Park and build (From Kits) and paint bird houses of all sizes and shapes  Schedule TBD Registration opens in January.

All of this is a gateway to inclusion and awareness.  Don’t leave it to others. We will make it possible, YOU MAKE IT WORK!