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Social Events & Field Trips

DSC_0361Social events and field trips to sports and entertainment venues: This is Experiential Learning at a higher level: (MORE COMPLEX SOCIAL ENVIRONMENTS), crowds, noise, hustle and bustle, loud music, cheering crowds.

All of this would be overwhelming for many because of the flood of stimuli, and in the beginning sometimes it is overwhelming. But when the child goes into this environment with family and team mates, coaches, able bodied siblings and their buddies from camp or baseball, they are moving inside a comfort zone of friendship and trust.

It takes time and patience, but it works and instead of pulling back as they walk towards the event, they start asking about it days in advance and when the time comes they are pulling you. It works. Children on the autism spectrum take a little longer to get comfortable, but if there is a continuity of people around them, familiar people, eventually it works for most.