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PRISMPRISM pursues lifelong learning which we believe continues across our lifespan through adulthood.  We feel this is true for all of us especially individuals who have developmental disabilities.   Our program has a strong emphasis on community learning and we believe it is important to actually be in the community to do that.

Our objective is to have each of our participants spend at least three hours a day in the community.  What parent wouldn’t want that for their son or daughter?  Through our job sites and community structured learning our PRISM Coaches strive to engage our participants in purposeful structured activities on a daily basis.

marilynn-june-2013-0111As a parent of a special needs son I know what opportunities I would like a program to provide.  I also feel strongly that we are all in this together. I want PRISM to provide a sense of peace for your family; peace in knowing that your child is safe, respected, and in an environment which supports continued growth.  Hopefully with our staff?s hard work and commitment we can build PRISM into the program you and I can be proud of for our special adults. 

My hope is that when your son or daughter starts each day that they are happy, filled with a sense of purpose and looking forward to being part of PRISM.


Marilynn Martinez
Executive Director

Marilyn Martinez, BS Management / Association of Community Rehabilitation Educators
Kelly Petrini, Masters in Psychology / Applied Behavior Analysis
Emily White, Masters Human Service Administration
Deborah Shelton, Special Ed. Teacher
Kathryn Novak, BS Elementary Education