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Dear Miracle League Families, visitors and friends.

With the onset of the pandemic, all sports, day camps and social activities were suspended.  As of mid-March 2020 we became a QRT, a Quick Response Team, ensuring the families were able to safely shelter in place and still have ready access to typical forms of support and new forms of support associated with Covid.

In April 2020 Fulton County entrusted us with significant six figure money to expand the mission of our QRT.  With their support, and the support of generous friends, we were able to ensure Special Needs families had a roof over their head, food in the fridge, utilities paid and all critical meds required by the family for specific family members. Sadly, all county funds were exhausted by the end of 2020; however, the QRT still helps in other ways and will continue to do so till the pandemic is over.

The good news is that unless we are struck by a wandering asteroid, we are hoping to initiate Summer Day Camps during June & July and fire up the Fall Softball Season in September, 2021.

We will be issuing weekly updates from this point on. Stay tuned.

John McLaughlin
North Metro Miracle League