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Image and Issues

A large segment of the community still thinks of the Miracle League as a little sports program for kids with disabilities.  What if that were true? What if the NMML existed just to give kids a chance to play, a chance to get off the sidelines and into the game?  Would that alone justify the existence of the Miracle League? 


Play is essential and universal to all mammals.

In the formative years play impacts the physical development of the brain.

In the formative years play impacts the cognitive development of the brain.

The more evolved the species, the more likely they are to continue play throughout their lifetime.

Over the last 15 year, the Miracle League has grown is size, scope and purpose.  Very dedicated people have come on board to help reshape our programs so the “athletes” continue to have fun, but at the same time learn and reinforce critical life skills necessary for a higher quality of life.m a more independent  . The Special Ed Professionals and therapists that design, facilitate and evaluate our programs have the skill sets to create that environment, and in spite of all the infrastructure, design and purpose embedded in the programs it is still fun. It’s not always easy, but it is always fun.