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Reality Check

The population we serve is almost invisible: our families typically live insular lives and have not coalesced into a political, economic or media power house.
Nothing to put them on the radar screen
No civil rights action
No immigration law arguments
No same sex marriage issues
No social economic bias
No massive marches or demonstrations
No pandemic medical threat
No religious, ethnic or cultural commonalities to give them greater visibility
Nothing to draw attention to their numbers or the issues they face
Most of the general population doesnt see or acknowledge these families exist and exist in numbers far greater than most would imagine.
Many policy makers and elected officials don’t want to “know” because with that knowledge comes responsibility and accountability. Currently there is no poloitical price to pay for indifference.
If the general population isn’t aware of the problem, why would they think there was a need for a solution? You have to acknowledge and understand the problem before you can appreciate the solution.
Our fiscal policy was born of necessity because initially a handful of people were funding the entire enterprise and frugality was the rule.
Frugality is the real mother of invention and forced us to find workable innovative solutions that fit within our limited budget, solutions designed, facilitated and evaluated by outstanding special education professionals. Over the years these same solutions have gained unsolicited state and national regognition. Our programs are time tested cost effective initiatives that continue to create meaningful change in the lives of countless families.
Not possible to find more qualified and committed people than the special education professionals that design, facilitate and evaluate our programs.