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The No Limits Outdoor Challenge

FUN_1184This is the ultimate Experiential Learning setting, Camp Collinswood, 27 natural acres on the shores of Lake Oconee, totally accessible in every respect.

  • Three 5 bedroom bunkhouses
  • Large dining hall that does double duty as an indoor activity center,
  • Pavilion with fireplace (s’mores every evening and the occasional Camp Monster Attack
  • Accessible hiking trail through the trees from the dining hall to the beach.

There is a huge dock on the beach, and that’s where the kids find the fire pit, pontoon boats (modified accessible), jet skis, kayaks, canoes and 3 person inflatables to pull behind the boats. We have special heads up / face up life jackets of all sizes and every child/teen wears one when near or in the water.

Paraplegics go tubing when seated between certified life guards and we have a chase boat with a safety diver close behind.  Person with the disability can go on a 3 person Jet Ski when they are sandwiched between the driver and safety diver.

IMG_0747These are family events Friday / Saturday / Sunday for 15 families including the disabled child, the able bodied siblings and parents. These days at the lake are for many their only “vacation” and the able bodied siblings and parents are very much figured into all the activities. It’s a fantastic opportunity to make new friends or reunite with old friends.

We intend to host at least 3 Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday sessions this summer for kids from City of Refuge Children’s Center.  We have hosted COR kids for the last 8 years.