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Family Support

Resource Database: We have developed an extensive data base of resources and support services open and available to our families. The data base includes doctors, lawyers, dentists, therapists, veterinarians, CPAs and tax accountants. There are also experts to help families work their way through the maze of Medicare, SSDI, Medicaid and Peach Care applications and waivers.

Crisis Intervention: We collaborate with area police and EMTs so we can provide the most appropriate response when a Miracle League family is in crisis. At times this might mean giving a parent a break, a chance to go home, rest up, clean up and get ready for another stint in their child’s hospital room.

Hospice Overwatch: And, on some occasions, we were present when there was nothing more the doctors could do (Hospice Overwatch) In the last 19 years we have lost 18 children, and there was only 1 time a Miracle League child passed and the parent was alone. (It just happened too fast for us to rally the troops). Every other time there were Miracle League parents, coaches, team mates and members of NMML leadership in the room.

People have asked if the good times outweigh the difficult times. We can’t answer that question because we have never put good times and bad times on a scale. We never will. We simply put Family, Humanity and Commitment on one side of the scale and keep moving forward, serving our families to the very best of our ability.