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Miracle League Conservation Initiative (in collaboration with the City of Alpharetta)

Saving pollinators (*butterflies and honey bees).
Help us restore their food source.
Milkweed is the perfect food for every stage of development.

The North Metro Miracle League provides supportive programming for children, teens and young adults focused on healthier more active lifestyles, social competence and overall emotional well being. Special needs or not, we are prepared to lead this initiative, so join us, “lets grow together”.

  • A disability will not stop us from leading the way
  • Serving our community and giving mother nature a helping hand

Monarchs migrate from as far as canada to very specific valleys in mexico. No single butterfly makes the journey in its own lifetime.  It’s a series of egg to butterfly….Egg to butterfly… to and from their migration destinations. Milkweed grew wild and sustained them thru their journey; however, modern farming methods, pesticides and herbacides have left massive gaps in their migratory food chain.

Since 2000, the monarch population has been reduced by 90% and much the same for other butterfly species….Important pollinators in the human food chain.

The honey bee population has also been seriously reduced and should be a serious concern for all of us. Today honey bees are put to work commercially to pollinate essential fruit and vegetable crops, but hives are dying, and there is a serious shortage of honey bees around our homes, orchards and farms.

Lets “grow together” and focus on restoring and preserving mother natures beautiful and very essential gifts to human kind. Visit us at

  • There are several species of milkweed and each is beautiful in its own right.The species we sell (seeds or potted plants) are appropriate for this climte zone
  • The species we sell should flower in their first year. Some species take 2 years
  • Our plants are perennial and will provide seeds in the fall to plant or share
  • Aphids can be attracted to milkweed. If you see them, spray with 3 tablespoons of dawn dish soap in a gallon of water, after 30 minutes rinse throughly

And as a final note—stand by for hummingbird invasion