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Social Events & Field Trips To Sports & Entertainment Venues

First of all it’s fun, and often something many families cannot afford, especially at today’s prices. And lots of families know each other, so the group experience makes it even better.


These events are Experiential Learning at a very high level: (MORE COMPLEX SOCIAL ENVIRONMENTS), crowds, noise, hustle and bustle, loud music, cheering crowds. All of this would be overwhelming for many because of the flood of stimuli, and in the beginning, sometimes it is overwhelming. But when the child goes into this environment with family and team mates, coaches, able bodied siblings and their buddies from camp or baseball, they are moving inside a comfort zone of friendship and trust.

It takes time and patience, but it works to varying degrees for a great many children. How much, how far, depends on the nature and severity of the disability. Even some children on the autism spectrum have habituated to the flurry of stimuli, again depending on the level of hypersensitivity to crowds, lights and sound.

Information about upcoming events and opportunities will be posted on the Web Site Home page and an email will be sent via our Family Distribution List.

  • 100-150 tickets to 8 Braves games
  • 410 Tickets to the Chic Fil A Kick Off Bowl
  • 250 Tickets to the Peach Bowl
  • 15th Year Miracle League Night at the Alliance Theatre for Dicken’s Christmas Carol Over 800 in attendance
  • 300 Tickets Big Apple Circus
  • High School Football Games, as guests of the teams, all season long, almost every weekend. (Many Athletes have been camp or softball Miracle League Buddies)
  • High School Stage Shows, as guests, all year long (Many of the students have been camp or softball Miracle League Buddies)

We host numerous parties during the year. The Halloween Party is the biggest (300 Goblins).