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Softball is still our signature piece, but we also offer respite care and Family Camping Retreats on Lake Oconee.  Our social activities include various holiday parties, cook-outs and trips to a wide variety of sports and entertainment and sports venues. We open our holiday season with a private performance the Alliance Theatre Christmas Carol. 

How does the NMML help families, the entire family? We give them somewhere to go, something to do and some place where they feel at home. We create a comfort zone where parents can bring all their children, those with disabilities and those that are able bodied. The able-bodied siblings are equally deserving of recognition and inclusion because living in the shadow of their brother’s or sister’s disability makes their life.

Each year the Miracle League provides thousands of hours of meaningful community service for local middle school, high school and faith-based youth groups. These volunteers have opened their hearts and minds, so they now see beyond the outward manifestation of the disability and see the unique individual before them. They have taken the time to learn “people first language” and the etiquette appropriate to working and living with people with disabilities. High School coaches and councilors, leaders of faith-based institutions, civic organizations and corporations find the community service opportunities provided by the NMML to be one of the most meaningful ways to share the gift of time.  

Spring / Fall Softball
280 Participants
North Park
Patriot Park
(Cherokee County)

Inclusive Field Trips To Sports And Entertainment Venues

1200 Attended The Ringling Circus
45 Families On The Floor For An Hour Before The Show

Hundreds Of Braves Tickets
We Are A Braves Foundation Grantee

Opening Night
Alliance Christmas Carol
All 650 Seats

Halloween Monster Mash
Rock & Roll Party
Live Band
Star Wars Characters From 501st Legion

Monthly Movie Nights

Christmas Shopping Excursion

Thoughts And Prayers Hotline
When a NMML family is in crisis we have designated “family clusters” (families with similar challenges) that respond with various forms of support including meals for the family members still at home and meals for the families in the hospital.  The NMML has “fly away kits” that include books, videos, TV sets with built in DVD players and games a library of audio books for parents in hospital mini refrigerators stocked with healthy snacks respite care for parents with children in the hospital and that includes staying in the hospital so the parent/parents can go home and rest.